Friday, May 16, 2014

Bittersweet Goodbyes (!!)

I'm at the AIRPORT. Its official; I am leaving in less than 3 hours for ENGLAND! Technically I'll be flying non-directly, but the end destination is Birmingham. Same thing. 

There comes a moment where I am so unbelievably exited that my brain is running in circles, I'm writing in run ons - I'm pretty sure I gave myself a caffeine headache by drinking too much coffee. REGARDLESS - I will be leaving soon. so, so soon.

I had a bit of a miscommunication regarding obtaining a visa..but no worries. I got THAT taken care of. *whew* And I had time to spare!

I have my fabulous sister to thank for an amazing (!!) hand stitched leather journal for record keeping and the like. I might use it to write stories in a coffee shop, who knows? The possibilities are endless. As long as the possibilities involve writing and a journal anyway.

She knows me so well (!!)
Thus far, my biggest problem will be making sure my suitcase remains under 50 pounds while there. Luckily, there are 11 pounds of wiggle room for knickknacks and touristy items. Be forewarned: if I want to bring home 11 pounds of British rocks I can. My brother doesn't know what's rockin'. See what I did there? Oh so clever. 

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